While Balochistan is in the grip of terrorist activities and Sindh provincial headquarter Karachi is scene of continuous target killings, the Punjab metropolis is experiencing a spate of robberies, car lifting and kidnapping for ransom. This scary situation has been prevailing for long and, unfortunately, without an end in sight. On Wednesday alone, 21 robbery cases were registered and 14 vehicles, including six motorcycles, lifted from different residential areas of the city. If the provincial capital presents such a scenario, it is easy to guess what the situation in other districts would be. It seems no one is willing to take serious note of the rampant lawlessness, with criminal gangs having a field day, looting banks, residents and travelers alike. Most incidents are daring in nature taking place in broad daylight.

The Lahore police have recently been provided with the required funds and latest equipment, but the alarming crime rate has not come down. The Chief Minister should convene a meeting of the regional and district police chiefs to goad them into action. The argument that unemployment makes young people criminals is no justification for letting the situation prevail. The Inspector General of Punjab Police must ensure that policing is improved so that residents of the city could have a feeling of security.