It’s quite interesting that some so-called popular anchors of the private TV channels of our country have been preaching to politicians, generals, judges and bureaucrats in their respective current affairs programmes for declaring their assets before the nation but have been avoiding to give the same lesson to their fellow journalists/anchors working both in the print and the electronic media?

Has any of the private TV anchor aired an exclusive programme on the illegal assets possessed by many journalists?  For us it is very easy to criticise others, but it is very difficult to accept the same criticism. It is an established fact that many of our so-called principled and honest journalists have been maintaining a lavish lifestyle with costly vehicles and spacious bungalows in posh and big cities of the country. Charity begins at home. Before ridiculing others on their illegally possessed assets, it would be better if all our journalists, specially TV anchors of current affairs programmes, declare all their assets before the eighteen crore people of this country. This step will definitely increase their credibility before the viewers.


Karachi, August 7.