KARACHI - There is a great deal of evidence of external hand in destabilising Pakistan, particularly Karachi and Balochistan. In recent news confirming that cross border terrorism is being hatched in Afghanistan is very alarming for us.

This was stated by President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mian Abrar Ahmed while he addressing to an Iftar-Diner hosted by KCCI for Karachi-based Consul Generals, Commercial Consular and Diplomats.

In view of international pressures and curtailing Pakistan’s economic growth, we the business and industrial community of Pakistan and particularly of Karachi have great reservations. We strongly recommend to Government of Pakistan to give country a twenty years energy security plan based on 40pc from nuclear, 40pc from Thar coal and 20pc from hydal and alternate energy.

We strongly believe that US should emphasis on trade not aid in Pakistan. In the month of May, a high-power delegation of KCCI visited USA where during in different meetings at US State Department we also gave a new terminology that if at all aid has to come to Pakistan from US, it should be for trade only.

He said USAID should invest in the projects like Metro railway in Karachi, mass transit, energy sector, town planning, road construction, education, medical, mining, marble, granite, rehabilitation and other projects.

When we talk about generating energy from coal, our coal is considered as dirty energy. The World Bank has recently withdrawn $300 million aid for research project of Thar Coal despite of the fact that similar coal is being used in various power plants around the world and one in UK Yorkshire.

When we talk about getting gas from Iran we are told that Iran is hostile country and we should look for TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan & India) gas pipeline project which is 1735 kilometers away with 735 kilometers of hostile territory of Afghanistan.