Through this communication I wish to introduce myself as an industrialist of Gujranwala. I was involved in the manufacturing of high class sanitary fittings with the brand name MAGNA Sanitary Fittings which was founded by me in 1981. With a long and extensive struggle and hardship my brand achieved a name in sanitary fittings industry and I was also given Best Exporters Trophy Award five times by the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and I have also been the President of Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry twice.

I used to have 300 workers in my own factory and more than 500 dealers and shopkeepers were attached to it. I was also involved in export and earned foreign exchange for my country.

My motive was not only to run a business for profit for myself, but I was also working with devotion to take part in the economic development of Pakistan. I achieved my goal in 25 years with a good reputation, respect, name and fame. I was never involved in any kind of theft of gas or electricity and I never evaded paying taxes at any stage. I consider these acts as treason  as  a Muslim as well as a Pakistani.

Unfortunately, during last three/four years, my company suffered heavy losses (nearly Rs100 million) due to shortage and non-unavailability of gas and electricity as well as the basic metal which was exported to India and Dubai, now the industry of sanitary fittings is going to lose everything and is on the verge of collapse. I have only 13 workers left and the factory is closed. The circumstances in the country do not allowing any manufacturing business to continue.

It is not only me but my family is also contributing in the development of economy of Pakistan and almost all my family members are involved in the manufacturing business, as well as in politics. My father, Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bajwa was one of the pioneers of Pakistan Peoples Party, he was a Member of the National Assembly from 1971-76. He died as an MNA.

During this government of Pakistan Peoples Party, the former Prime Minister Mr Yousuf Raza Gillani said in an interview, who ever wished to leave Pakistan would not be stopped. In the light of the statement of our former Prime Minister, I seek your help in leavening Pakistan and seek guidance from your good honour which country would be suitable for me where I can revive my business and live in comfort. My family and I will be highly grateful to you for your suggestions and help.


Gujranwala, August 9.