PESHAWAR - Haji Zakarya Khan, the son of Haji Zarwali, resident of Nowshera has appealed to Chief Justice PHC and police high-ups to take action against Inspector of Motorway Police who has allegedly tortured him in plain clothes.

Haji Zakarya claimed that inspector motorway police, Noorminullah, was in plain clothes and held him responsible for coming on the wrong side of the road but in fact the inspector himself was on the wrong side and later tortured him severely upon his own mistake.

He said that earlier to this, he had also exchanged hard words with Barrister Bacha and the residents of the entire area were complaining against him. He said that Aza Khail Welfare Society has also staged protest demonstration against his alleged torture at the hand of motorway police. The protestors were of the view that both the employees belonged to the police department but unfortunately some inexperienced police personnel damaging the good reputation of the Motorway. He claimed that the inspector also intimidated him for reconciliation but he is not ready to reconcile, despite the mistake on the part of the inspector, he was tortured severely.

He appealed to the Inspector General of Motorway police take notice of this incident and reward them justice against the inspector who has also spoiled one of his eye. He said that police have registered FIR number 399 on July 19, 2012 while the medical report of his injured eye is also available with him.