LAHORE – Following special directives by the Inspector General, the National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) N-5 Central has started a nationwide campaign against overloading vehicles in which N-5 Central Zone is playing most effect role, said DIG Rai Altaf Hussain while inspecting the road-safety campaign and special patrolling on the national highway.

He said economic growth demands an adequate transport infrastructure but overloaded vehicles, especially freight vehicles, were destroying our roads, impacting negatively on economic growth.

Resultantly, overloaded vehicles were being impounded and their extra weight is being off-loaded to the permissible per axel laden weight under National Highway Safety Ordinance 2000.

The DIG directed the officers to make all out efforts to make this campaign successful as damage to roads owing to overloading leads to higher maintenance and repair costs and shortens life of a road which burdens the state and law-abiding commuters who ultimately pay its cost.

Earlier a meeting was held with the transporters to impress upon them the hazards of overloading including accidents, deterioration of road infrastructure, hurdle in the flow of traffic etc. They were asked to load their vehicles as per permissible limit to save our national asset.