ISLAMABAD - One-wheeling continued to go unchecked on various roads of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, especially ahead of 14th August, where several motorcyclists were witnessed performing dangerous stunts on busy roads.

The stunts, mostly teenagers, did not wear any helmets and could be seen performing wheelies at 7th avenue, Kashmir Highway, Committee Chowk, Shamsabad and other areas. Even though traffic wardens were deployed on all major roads, they were unable to stop these youngsters from performing wheelie. “These motorcyclists not only put their own lives in danger, but also pose a threat to others lives,” said Noman Khan, a local resident. Despite all the efforts of the police to eliminate the activity, the number of youngsters attempting such stunts is increasing at a worrying rate.

“It is a serious problem and several accidents have been reported. We are working to adopt countermeasures against wheelies, but people should realise that escaping on motorbikes is much easier than other vehicles, due to which these `stunt-drivers’ are often able to dodge traffic wardens,” said a senior Traffic police official.

Hundreds of challans (tickets) are issued every month for dangerous and negligent driving. Cases are also registered against one-wheelers, he informed.