LAHORE - As preparations for Independence Day celebrations are in full swing, people seem more interested in I-Day preparations than Eid shopping during the ongoing week, reveals a survey conducted by TheNation.

Residents, especially children and youth, are showing interest in buying flags of different sizes while makers of buntings, flags, banners and badges are working round the clock to meet demand. Youngsters say there will be enough time for Eid shopping after the Independence Day.

“We are also interested in Eid preparations. We are very happy as we are going to celebrate two back-to-back festivals,” said Mehmood Ahmad, a social worker.

Preparations are underway for seminars, sports competitions and literary and social activities to mark the Independence Day, whereas sources in the district government told this scribe that the department was planning to announced a four-day schedule of celebrations.

Though political parties have so far not issued any schedule for the celebration of Independence Day, it is likely to be issued in a couple of days.

Different government departments are ready to decorate government office buildings and residences with colourful lights, flags, buntings and banners.

So far as the activities regarding preparation for celebrating the Independence Day by the citizens in the provincial capital are concerned, it was witnessed that sellers of different items for decorating homes, streets and roads are ready to be sold on shops and stalls set up by youngsters in every nook and corner of the city. Some enthusiastic youth are busy with ‘fundraising’ drive to deck up their streets.

Ayaz Khan, a political and social worker, told this scribe that his group is hoisting banners initially and they would start decorating streets and roads of their area with flags, buntings and colourful lights in a couple of days.

Besides the youth, children are also showing their interests in decoration of streets and are insisting them to provide them all these things so that they could start working for decoration.

Amir, a resident of Gawalmandi, said that his group was planning to stage a musical show where national anthem and songs would be played on the day. 

He said his group will celebrate the day like other people of an independent nation. Business community is readying to celebrate the Independence Day during the month of Ramazan with zeal and enthusiasm by decorating shops individually and bazaars collectively. In this regard, the office-bearers of the elected bodies of different markets of the city are issuing directives for the purpose.