LAHORE – PTI will announce its roadmap for economy on August 24 to steer the country out of the existing economic crisis, says PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmmod Qureshi.

He expressed these views while addressing party leaders and workers at an iftar dinner on Thursday.

Qureshi claimed that PTI would put the country on the road to real progress if the masses voted them into power.

He maintained that opposition parties and the ruling coalition parties were becoming less popular with each passing day, while the PPP leaders were talking about the corruption of their ministers in party meetings.  He said: “We are very clear about one thing that PTI will not forge alliance with any ruling party”.

Meanwhile, a PTI spokesman said that Imran Khan would definitely lead a peace rally in Meran Shah on September 23 to expose the US atrocities in Waziristan. He said there were reports in the media that Taliban had threatened to kill Imran during the rally, however the PTI chief would never threatened by anyone.