PESHAWAR - The zeal and enthusiasm among the people about the Independence Day celebrations are witnessed at a lower stage than of the previous years mainly due to the hot weather, Ramazan and coming Eid preparations.

This time many of the celebrations have joined together in the same slot. Throughout the city many shops and stalls of the national flags, banners, badges of national flag and lighting goods were arranged as part of the pre-independence day preparations. A large number of boys, girls and children are found busy buying the national day preparations stuff.

A teenage boy, Arsalan, told TheNation that he and his family are very happy, and have started planning for the celebration of this national day. It is the day on which we had got our own identity decades of years ago, he added. He appealed to the people of all ages to celebrate the day with conventional zeal and spirit.

A person Abdul Haleem, who had pasted a national flag sticker on his shirt, said that despite the month of Ramazan and severe hot weather we would celebrate the national day as per the previous practice.

“I and my friend have completed all preparations for the day, we would illuminate our area and houses at the night of the Independence Day,” he maintained.

Momin Khan, another citizen, said that this year we have lost the energy to celebrate the day because of the hot weather and long day fast. He said that it is surprising for me to know that the Independence Day is approaching because we are counting the Ramazan days, not the solar day months.

A stallholder of the national flags, stickers, badges and banners, said that this year the number of customers is not satisfactory. He said that it might be because of the hot weather and Ramazan, the people didn’t want to move towards bazaars. He hoped that, maybe in the coming days the number of buyers increase.  An owner of a stationery shop, filled with the national flags and green and white materials, said that it is a fact that this time we are receiving less number of customers for the stuffs of the national day preparation. But, he said, his customers would increase in the next two days. He argued the people have enthusiasm about the national liberty and freedom.

Al around the city many people were witnessed having the national flags on their cars, bikes, cycles and other vehicles. Many people have raised the national flag on their houses. A lot of people have pasted the stickers of the flags on their shirts to welcome the independence day.