ISLAMABAD – A weeklong colourful cultural activities started here on Thursday in connection with Independence Day celebrations with songs and speech competitions by the students at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

Children from various educational institutions of the twin cities mesmerised the audience with national songs and melodies related to the freedom movement and national heroes.

The theme of freedom movement was highlighted through the speech competition, in which the youth shared their ideas to recall the historical moments that led to the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent.

The event was organised by the PNCA in collaboration with Ministry of National Heritage and Integration. On August 10, students will visualise the theme of “Mera Pakistan” in a Poster Competition among students of Summer Art Camp and Instrumental Music programme at National Art Gallery.

The weeklong programmes have been designed with a focus on utilising young talent by arranging various competitions and providing informative entertainment to the audience.

The events include screening of a documentary film “Azadi Ki Kirnain” daily from August 10-14 for the audience while Jinnah - a film based on life of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah will be shown on August 13 for general public.

The cultural week will conclude with a colourful cultural show for children and youth on August 14 in which students will showcase their talent in singing, acting and dancing.

Tableau, skits, national songs and folk dances will be presented for children as part of cultural show while the National Puppet Theater of PNCA will colour the show on the theme of Independence day.

Puppeteers will dress up their puppets in green and white costumes following the colours of national flag to express the joyous moments of the 66th Independence Day of Pakistan.

Colourful puppets will portray the history of Pakistan movement in the form of stories to grab the attention of the children and educate them about their history.

The segment of regional dances will present the puppets adorned with traditional jewellery and vibrant costumes to capture the rich culture and traditions from various areas of the country.

“The programmes will highlight the theme of freedom movement, heroes of Pakistan movement and portraying the rich culture and traditions of Pakistan through performing art,” Director General PNCA, Tauqeer Nasir said, while talking to this agency.

These programmes are a regular feature of PNCA to celebrate the national days by presenting a variety of cultural and entertainment activities to promote tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Pakistan.

Besides depicting the culture and traditions of the country, such shows also educate the youth regarding the struggle of freedom fighters through soft expressions of art, he said.

Meanwhile, preparations for Independence Day gaining momentum and the nation will celebrate its 65th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and national fervour on August 14.

The day is celebrated all over the country with flag-raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes.

In Rawalpindi, preparations for the day are gaining momentum as vendors have set up stalls of colourful buntings, national flags, banners and picture of national heroes who struggled day and night to achieve a common goal - the creation Pakistan.

National flag will be hoisted at important buildings to celebrate the day.

Special prizes will be awarded to those who would decorate and illuminate their buildings beautifully. The educational institutions will also conduct special programmes on the occasion.