OKARA - Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo expressed the hope that the PPP and its allied parties would form the federal and provincial governments including in the Punjab after their victory in the forthcoming general elections to be held in 2013.

He was talking to party workers in Wasaweywala. Wattoo termed the camp set up by Punjab Chief Minister at Menar-e-Pakistan a drama.

 “There is no governance in the province. In Punjab, gang rape, dacoity, murder incidents are at peak.

The Khadme Aala instead of criticising the federal government over loadshedding should pay heed to security issues in the province,” he said. 

Wattoo observed said instead of opening Danish schools in jungles at a cost of Rs23 billion, the Punjab chief minister should have utilised these funds to improve education.

 He said some politicians dreamt of toppling the PPP-led government. But, he added, they must keep in mind that the PPP would form the government for the next five years as well.

He said the government was promoting reconciliation for strengthening democracy in the country.

DPO seeks media co-op for peace: Police Officer Usman Akram said the police could control crime in collaboration with the media, and added that purging the department of corrupt cops and decrease in crime rate was his top priority.

He warned the corrupt policemen and criminals to leave the district otherwise they would be punished in public. He was meeting with a delegation of the Okara Press Club. He told the journalism and to do job honestly is worship.

“If the police and the media initiate a joint venture, the graph of crime can be brought down. The decrease in crime rate and corruption in Okara police is top priority and for this purpose, is will work round-the-clock,” he pledged.