ISLAMABAD - The Insani Huqooq Ittehad has felt strong concerns for the victims of sectarian and ethnic killings .
“Killing of innocent people in the name of religion continues unabated though the government is celebrating 30-day freedom festivities in August,” observed the network of concerned citizens of Pakistan. Condemning the attacks on Shias, Ahmedis, Christians, Hindu and Sikh increased, it recited  killings of four Ahmedis nd burning of five houses in Gujranwala. In a similar shocking incident, the body said a Sikh trader was killed and another two were seriously injured in Peshawar.  During the Eid holidays, two Hazara boys were killed in Quetta, and responsibility of the killing was claimed by Jaish-e-Muhammad.
The Ittehad noted that violence on the basis of religion and sect has not only been on the rise but state authorities have failed to take any serious action to stop these incidents. The members of Insani Huqooq Ittehad demand the government to immediately take actions.
The group demanded three separate inquiry/investigation committees to look into these incidents. The committees should come up with their recommendations within 15 days. The committee for the Gujranwala incident should also investigate as to why police failed to intervene and prevent the mob action. The inquiry committees should also include the members from civil society.
The GOVERNMENT must ensure that action will be taken against the police officers in Gujranwala for their failure in controlling the mob and saving the precious lives and property of the citizens.
It is very important for the state to come forward and take strict measures to stop such extreme forms of violations of human and citizen rights .
Moreover Insani Huqooq Ittehad asked the political leadership to come forward and speak up against these killings , loud and clear. 'This is time for all of us to show solidarity with all the victims and continue to vehemently ask for justice'.