LAHORE - Punjab Minister for Law Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan said Saturday that provincial government was going to write to Canadian government against the anti-state activities of its citizen Dr Tahirul Qadri with a request to either rescind his Canadian nationality or rein in his moves towards creating chaos in the country and take action against him.
During the press conference, the minister also showed to media a draft of the letter to be sent to the federal government for onward dispatch to the Canadian High Commissioner. The law minister denied that army was being called in Punjab to maintain peace.
Rana Mashood recounted the way Dr Qadri was taking refuge behind the women and children at his Model Town residence, and terming him ‘Dramabaz said he had been booked in a case of terrorism and other criminal acts and of late he had got a number of policemen kidnapped through his workers. He said government was cautious and not taking harsh measures to protect life of women and children behind whom Dr Qadri had taken refuge.
However, he warned, if Dr Qadri did not mend his ways and continued to challenge writ of the government the law would take its course and the entire responsibility of the consequences will rest on PAT chief’s shoulders. He accused Dr Qadri of brainwashing the innocent people who, he added, due to lack of knowledge had been trapped by him. He also told the Press that the police were exercising restraint and patience in order to save lives of the citizens. Mashood further said that the plot prepared by Dr Qadri to trigger terrorism simultaneously in seven cities of Punjab had been exposed and a number of PAT workers who would have to execute this plan had been rounded up along with arms and ammunitions.
The minister said that law would be pressed into service against the persons who would take law into their hand and create anarchy while those who wanted to carry out political activity in the ambit of law and the Constitution would be dealt with through negotiations. He said Dr Qadri had designs to create anarchy in Pakistan on the pattern of Libya, Syria and Iraq and also accused him of rendering the Model Town a ‘no go area’. He warned that the government would not tolerate such activities and would establish the writ at all costs. He also exhorted the PAT workers not to follow Dr Qadri as he was pursuing an anti-state agenda. To a question, the minister said the PAT workers created disturbance on instigation by Qadri as such he would also be named in the FIRs while his sons have been nominated in other two FIRs. He also asked the workers not to follow Qadri’s call for bringing copy of the Holy Quran to the rallies and pay due respect to the divine book.
Punjab Minister Shuja Khanzada on the occasion said Dr Qadri was another Raymond Davis but he would not be allowed to leave the country and his name would be placed on the ECL. He said at present civil and military sides were united on protecting the country at all costs and added, the govt had tried to give a save exit to Qadri but he was bent upon breaking the Constitution and creating anarchy in the country.
Later addressing a second press conference on Saturday, Rana Mashhood said success of National Security Conference had proved that all political forces were standing with PML-N and opponents had become politically isolated. He claimed that political dwarfs were seeing their defeat. He said it was a victory of the people and the Constitution of Pakistan.
Mashhood declared it a good omen that Qadri had withdrawn the call of gathering of its workers at Model Town Lahore on the occasion of Youme Shohada on August 10 and directed to hold Quran Khawani in their respective areas.
He said if Qadri considered himself a responsible citizen, then why he was afraid of arrest and using women and children as a protective shield. Mashood said if he had to do politics than he should have come out and face the law. He should also be aware of the punishment of which he had done, Mashhood added.
“Instead of threatening the government, Qadri should accept this fact that in which country he comes to spend his holidays, its law will also be applicable on him like other citizens of Pakistan.”
He said no one could be allowed to take law into his hand. The minister said that the video footage of those people was available with the government who had injured hundreds of police officials through violence and martyred a jawan of Elite Force in Gujranwala by breaking his arms and legs.
“We are going to register cases of terrorism, attempted murder and interference in government business against the mischievous elements and they will be brought before the court,” the minister said.
He said the decision of suspending the supply of petrol to the people had not been made by the government but supply line of oil tankers was temporarily suspended due to information received by the agencies that a plan of terrorism had been prepared in seven cities of Punjab. He assured that all tankers will be reaching petrol pumps without any delay under the security of police.
Meanwhile, according to a media report, the law minister has said Dr Tahirul Qadri will be named accused in a case of cop’s killing. He said the PAT killed the cop on the instigation of Qadri .