ISLAMABAD - The Nation newspaper’s story on the country’s biggest and most heinous child sex scandal has changed the discourse of most of the nation. The social media has been abuzz, where users continue debating the issue openly and intensely in their impulsive posts, while many of the otherwise extrovert federal ministers surprisingly kept mum.

The scandal of 280 children being forced into sex, most of them under 14 including a six-year-old boy and a 10-year-old schoolgirl who was filmed being molested by a 14-year-old boy, jolted the whole conservative society.

The tremors were felt on social media pages when reporter Ashraf Javed gives details of his exclusive front-page story in The Nation on Saturday.

The headlines of the national and international media started flashing the scandal, within no time. The story of abusing innocent poor children to sell the videos in local and international markets broke many into tears, while others busted with anger.

RETWEET: If you want every person involved in child abuse scandal hanged without trial, posted Farhan Khan Virk on his social media account.

Many foreigners living abroad also could not resist commenting on the issue.

Some were so shocked that they started cursing the culprits and the system.

Some expressed their frustration against the prevailing system of the country on social media .

Along with asking a stringent action many journalists appreciated The Nation’s team for bringing out the story and covering it on all angles.

Many media professionals appreciated bravery of The Nation for raising the issue despite all political pressures.

Senior journalist Beena Sarwar was also among those who appreciated the bravery of the team for taking up the matter in a professional manner.

Although some tried to play politics on the news but many silenced them by posting requests not to politicize the matter.

Police involvement in the Kasur child abuse case to cover up the horrific crimes and protecting the molesters is cited as well, claimed PTI Punjab in its tweet.

Some of the users suggested politicians to ensure justice for the victim families instead of political gains.

Asif Khan, a social media member, termed it equal to the Army Public School tragedy where dozens of children were brutally killed.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who used social media for his first reaction on the issue by promising a strict action against culprits, promised a commission to probe the matter. All the responsible persons will be taken to task. A judicial inquiry is ordered to make sure no one is spared, the chief minister tweeted.

A teenager Habib Raza expressed his shock by innocently asking to stop brutalities against innocents. “Stop polluting innocent mind of a child,” she tweeted.

PTI boss Imran Khan announced that he would bring the matter in the parliament.

Some pointed out that the victims need immediate psychological treatment.

At a time when everyone on social media was demanding strict action against the culprits, who are allegedly carrying out their heinous crime of filming sexual abuses and selling them abroad and locally, federal ministers remained silent.

Federal Ministry of Interior, who was quick to start raids on Axact offices, in the fake degrees case in Karachi recently, was reluctant to comment on the issue terming it a provincial subject.

It is a provincial matter, and the provincial government is already dealing with it, what we can say, said an official of the ministry of interior.

According to experts filming of porn actions and selling them in national and international market falls in the category of cyber crime and should have been dealt by FIA.

The vocal IT minister, who is not using personal social media account, since strong criticism on her on getting a lucrative position for her husband violating all the rules, was also silent on the issue. Her staff said that the matter does not fall in her domain.

The defence minister, who is otherwise quick to comment on any development, was also silent on his twitter account. Last tweet he did was another announcement against electricity thieves.

Those who don’t pay electricity bills, steal power and then attack our employees & installations. We will not supply electricity to their areas. Asif’s last tweet said.

Abid Sher Ali, who is famous for his speeches and flurry statements, was nowhere on social media .

Former interior minister Rehman Malik, once a favourite of media for passing contradictory statements on daily basis, could not resist the opportunity to come in limelight.

“I would take up the matter in Standing Committee of Interior,” tweeted the former PPP interior minister.

Apart from opportunists, many of the serious hash tags continued to appear on social media since the story was published. Most of the users in their posts pressed the media hard to follow up the story until justice is done.