LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) will ensure provision of safe and international standard food according to food security measures in hotels and restaurants in the province.

This was stated by Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Director General Dr Sajid Chauhan on Sunday during a briefing in training session at professional development department (PDD), conducted for DCOs, officers of districts administration, officers of task forces and others.

He said the authority started training workshops for officers of task force, DCOs and other officers of district administration to enable them to ensure provision of safe food to the people in their respective districts.

He said authority officials would continue raids on restaurants and hotels, however, no injustice

was committed and a checking process would be continued without indiscrimination.

He said the Punjab Food Authority in accordance with the vision of Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was ensuring food safety culture for provision of quality and unadulterated food items to the consumers.

Dr Sajid Chauhan said food authority officials would not compromise on safety measures in hotels and restaurants and owners of hotels/restaurants should adopt training of kitchen staff, waiters and concerned employees with regard to hygienic principles in the interest of the health of the citizens.

He said the Punjab Food Authority would undertake checking of all hotels and restaurants regarding implementation of rules and regulations and a method of grading will be evolved under Punjab Food Authority Scoring System and there would be no compromise on adulteration in foodstuffs.

The hotels owners should pay special attention to cleanliness condition in their kitchen as unhygienic food result in food poisoning, besides affecting kidneys and eye sight.