With usual bravado, Imran has warned us that his party will hit the streets again if the ECP fails to come up with a response regarding his 40 questions. Speaking at a Kissan Convention held by his party at football ground at Vehari on Saturday, he has declared that if the ECP does not answer why it is still in place, he will leave no stone unturned to protest against the unfair findings. One would think that, after the findings of the Judicial Commission report, PTI would bow down gracefully and let the matter be. It has already received a lot of criticism over the whole rigging drama, including from its own supporters. Seeking scapegoats and making excuses now to salvage a lost cause will bring neither credit nor credibility back to the party. Yet Imran insists on finding his needle in the haystack of Pakistani politics.

So after 35 punctures and Plans A to F (is that where we were on the alphabet of backup plane?) Imran is taking up the case of the ECP’s “incompetence”. He of course said other things too, important things, like calling on the farming community to vote for those who could make better agricultural policies. He said they should stop giving votes on the basis of lineage or family. He ended on a grand note, that if we ever ‘want economic growth in the country; we will have to help our farmers first’. How this is linked to the ECP, is beyond the layman’s comprehension. His 40 queries only marred what was a successful rally and an uplifting speech.

Imran is not seeing the whole picture. Yes, he has invested too much time in the anti-rigging protests with no gain, but he needs to accept the loss and move on. The stubbornness is only making him seem petulant and annoying. It has diminished him in the eyes of his opponents. What he should focus on is the actual progress PTI is making in KP, doing better than other political parties in the May 30 local government elections in KP. They won 256 of the total of 978 district council seats and made the JUI-PPP-ANP alliance ineffective. If Imran truly wants to make a change, he can by making his own province a model to follow and using his success there to push for votes in the Punjab. If he just stops going on and on and on about the 2013 elections, he could do wonders.