LAHORE  - The Punjab government has decided to establish a Multipurpose Authority (MA) to take action against contractors who were allegedly involved in substandard construction work and not timely completion of roads in the cities and markets.

As per details, Chief Minister Punjab would be the chairman of board of governors of proposed authority. The provincial government would hire the services of national and international consultants for this purpose to ensured the maintenance of roads in every city of the province and standard of new construction as per international standard.

The headquarter of (MA) would be in the provincial capital Lahore. The board of governor would consist of three MPAs including one female MPA and two members of local government.

The proposed MA would be the supervisor of all Motorways, Expressways, Highways, Public roads and bridges of every kind.

It would have the power to construct new roads and bridges and their protection. It would also have power to design new roads in any district and Tehsil of the province.

The proposed authority would also create commercial sites along the roads so that it could enhance the job opportunities for people and funds be generated for government in this project.

All the employees of Punjab Highway Authority and assets would be under the supervision of MA.

The Punjab government would recruit special force to achieve the objectives of this authority.