ISLAMABAD: A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the suspected police encounter in which the banned outfit Lashkar-e-Jhnangvi chief, Malik Ishaq, was killed along two of his sons and 11 other companions.

Petitioner Shahid Orakzai, in his plea, demanded the apex court to summon Corp Commander Lahore to clarify the army’s role in the suspected police encounter.

The petitioner also requested the court to order arrests of policemen who participated in the encounter.

Chief of the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi) Maliq Ishaq along with 13 militants was killed in Muzaffargarh last month during a shootout after gunmen attacked a police convoy and freed him as he was being moved.

LeJ chief, Malik Ishaq, along with his two sons was being taken by counter terrorism department (CTD) officials to a town of Muzaffargarh where they had seized an arms cache to identify men they had detained on suspicion of being members of Ishaq’s group.