PESHAWAR - The Chief Justice and Judges of Peshawar High Court hosted a farewell lunch in honour of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, on the eve of his laying off the robes.

The lunch was largely attended by the sitting as well as retired Judges of the superior Courts. The Chief Justice PHC and judges paid glowing tributes to the outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan, who had also remained Judge and Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court. The outgoing Chief Justice was always considered as an epitome of courage and determination, who always accepted challenge of sensitive cases during his illustrious career, the recent being heading the Judicial Commission and full court in constitutional cases having far reaching implications for the country in general and judiciary in particular. The Chief Justice will be remembered for dispensing justice without fear or favour. He had the unique distinction of inspiring confidence of all concerned, including those on the losing side.

His legal wisdom, juristic acumen and balanced judgments have not only restored social equilibrium and harmony but has been aptly applauded and acknowledged as historic judgments by all alike including intelligencia, civil society and people of all shades of political spectrum. The legacy and thought provoking judicial pronouncements of the Chief Justice are going to prove a beacon of light for the judicature for all times to come.