One of the eight accused, arrested in the child abuse scandal , is a graduate, three have passed secondary school certificate examination, one has passed middle level and the sixth has passed FA level.

Details about the two accused could not be ascertained as they have been kept at some unidentified location by the police.

Two of the semiliterate child abusers, aged between 18 to 24 years, are brother.

Profiles of the six accused who have been on remand in the police custody are: accused Basharat, 18, is the son of Tariq who is a farmer by profession. The accused has a nominal education as he has passed middle standard examination.

Faizan Ali, 18, is the son of Abdul Majeed who is also a farmer. He has passed SSC examination.

Another accused is Naseem Shehzad, 20, son of Muhammad Yahya, is an FA. Mr Yahya is also a farmer.

Accused Haseem, 24, is the eldest among the accused and is a graduate. He is the son of Muhammad Yahya and elder brother accused Naseem Shehzad.

Abdul Manan, 18, is the son of Maqsood who also a farmer. He has passed secondary School certificate examination.

Ali Majeed, 18, son of Majeed Ahmed, has also passed matriculation.

All of the six accused, but one, belong to Araeen biradari. Two other accused - Irfan alias Fareedi and Usman Khalid who were arrested on Sunday, have been kept at an undisclosed location. Hussain Khanwala, which came in limelight due to one of the biggest child abuse scandal , is comprised of a population of 600,000 people. Majority of the men population is semiliterate - FA or BA passed.

There are five high schools - two government and three belong to private sector. The entire population is engaged with farming and employment.

The village is at a distance of 15-km away from Kasur City.

The village name flashed in news headlines and in breaking news on electronic after reports, disclosing a gang of influential locals involved in series of sexual assault on children. The number of the affected children has been put at 280, who according to the video clips, were forced to the inhuman act. The abuser also sold the videos for money.