S: What was the point of that. That was not a win. Manchester United won due to an own goal! Own goals should be disqualified. This is not cool!

A: Are you losing your lunch over football in another country again? Why is it so important to you? It’s only a game.

S: When you’re watching a cricket match and crying buckets over Pakistan losing, I’ll see how reach when I tell you that it’s only a game!

A: That is different. Pakistan is my country, and cricket is a national sport. You’re not from East London that you are so invested in Arsenal and its dominance over football.

S: Ameen, for me, sport is entertaining.

A: It is for me too. I’m happy to watch football, tennis… heck I’ll even watch a game of ping pong. But I don’t understand why you get so emotional about British football teams. It’s like you’ve joined a cult.

S: Hmmm. I suppose you are right. It is like a cult. I haven’t been so riled up about cricket since the last T20. But football just makes my blood boil.

A: I supposed it the entertainment factor…

S: No that’s not it… Yes, it is entertaining, but it’s all real sport for me. WWE wrestling is what I think of, when we talk of sports entertainment. Cheerleading, is sports entertainment. Football is pure sport.

A: Then why? Explain it to me.

S: I think it’s because I feel I belong… its like a community of Arsenal lovers. And I know it sounds silly, because at the core, there’s almost nothing physical to belong. I am not from London, the club is old but has been changing continually, the players also change teams… but I just feel loyal to the team.

A: So you’re a patriot?

S: Oh my God Ameen. Your'e right! I am a nationalist! If Arsenal was a state, I would want to be its first citizen and I would fight for my country!

A: So for all your anti-nationalist tirades, that nationalism is the root of conflict… you finally see that nationalism is natural. You just have to love something and adopt it as home.

S: …

A: I guess I win this one.

S: ...

A: Well as the British say, “Keep a stiff upper lip, my boy!”