Well, it seems that everyone is talking about the military, and because talk is free, that means they’ve not all been saying things military men like to hear. Particularly MQM supremo Altaf Hussain, who seems to have this prejudice against having the party headquarters raided, or target killers being arrested. And because of what he has said, not only as resolutions being passed against him in provincial assemblies, but Pakistan’s relations with the UK are getting frenetic, with Pakistan demanding his arrest, and the UK not understanding why particular sanctity attaches to the military.

The Supreme Court seems to have understood, for its sanctioning of military courts was not seen as a judiciary-legislature tussle, because to strike down the military courts would have meant striking down a properly passed constitutional amendment. Instead, it was seen as primarily a judiciary-military confrontation. However, despite all the venom spewed by unpatriotic lawyers, the courts were given the go-ahead to try militants.

As if to show that there was nothing wrong with military justice, the military also completed the board of enquiry against those responsible for the National Logistics Cell scam, which involved large cash sums being placed on the stock market. A lot of money was lost that way. A lieutenant-general and a major-general were found guilty, but not sent to jail. True, the major-general was sentenced to dismissal from service, which means the loss of both pension and medical benefits (which are important for a retiree) and the lieutenant-general was given ‘severe displeasure (recordable)’, which might mean that the COAS will not shake his hand at the next Defence Day function, but will turn away, while making a face as if a bad smell has entered the room. That may well be as bad as being sent to jail.

Now if the military can punish that sort of white-collar crime, why not more violent crime? Like target-killing? Of course. The MQM does not commit target-killing. Anyone suggesting otherwise will end up being visited by an MQM delegation, after which he will never walk again. Not because of the delegation, but the drills they brought along, just by the way.

Apparently, violence affects the Army these days, for apart from Zarb-i-Azab, which is very violent, the military is busy combating the violence of the waters. Well, not stopping the floods so much as saving people trapped in them. The Navy is also doing its share in Sindh, but there’s no PAF contingent hard at work on this task. The Army helicopter which went down with the loss of 12 people including five majors was on flood duty. It was a flying ambulance, and the deceased included three medical majors and a Medical Corpsman. Of course, the crash was entirely the wrong reason for the Army to be in the news, but still, it did show one aspect of the hard work they put in when dealing with national emergencies.

And while the floods are raging, there is no let-up by the Indians, who are firing on the Working Boundary at Sialkot, not just killing civilians, but raising temperatures in the region. I wonder if our policymakers realize that India wants to avoid war as much as Pakistan. They seem to be behaving as if they are responsible adults, and India is spoiling for a fight. What makes me suspect that both are playing to a foreign audience. Foreign? American. Well, maybe a little bit of EU thrown in, but only so that they might take the message to the Yanks: “We’re not just reasonable, it’s their side that is unreasonable and childish, and actually wants a war.” It has always been thus, but now it seems that the BJP is actually beginning to believe its own propaganda.

Yet the BJP is unable to give protection to those who hope to undermine Islam. Bagladeshi writer Tasleema Nasreen fled India to seek refuge in the USA after she had already fled Bangladesh, where she felt unsafe. Well, she was probably right to feel unsafe, as shown by the killing of the fourth secularist blogger in recent time, Niloy Chakraborty. It all started more than 100 years ago, when the province of East Bengal was carved out of the Bengal Presidency by the Raj. Ever since, Hindus have been doing their worst to do down the Muslims, and have been using the Hindus there. The late blogger, who was chopped to death by a machete-wielding gang, was one. The killing was claimed by the Ansarullah, the local Al-Qaida affiliate, which accused Chakraborty of blasphemy. I haven’t seen the blasphemous post, but it is symptomatic that of the four bloggers killed this year, three were Hindus. Shades of Ilam Din Shaheed story!

Well, at least the blogger was not involved in child abuse of the sort that afflicts Kasur. The horror and outrage means that the whole affair should be handed over to the military, especially since it occurred in a border area. It seems that the export drive needs expansion at the expense of children. Remember when Pervez Musharraf tried to revive Basant, on the ground that it earned foreign exchange through the spending of Indians who came over for it? While doing nothing about the reason for banning it in the first place, which was that the coated twine cut little children’s throats

But he probably did not see that kids’ lives mattered when weighed against the foreign exchange to be earned. In the same way, while kids are suffering in the sex abuse scandal, no one is paying attention to how the accused producers earned foreign exchange for the country by exporting DVDs. Well, Pakistan is known for terrorism and heroin, and now it seems kiddie porn is on the list.

Mr Justice (retd) Wajihuddin is not suspected, yet he has been expelled from the PTI. He committed a worse crime. He criticized the Great Khan’s coterie. That is known as lèse-majesté. And there is only one sentence for that, the same as Shafqat Hussain suffered, after the controversy over his age ended unfavourably for him.