Eight persons including three women were killed in the incident of honour killing and other mishaps over the past 24 hours.

As per details, a man axed his young sister to death for honour. Reportedly, Aamir Hussain, son of Ghulam Hassan, a resident of Chak 5/3R situated in the remit of Ahmedpur Sial Police suspected that her 14-year-old sister Asia Bibi had developed illicit relation with someone of the locality. The girl was asleep in the night when Hussain, in a fit of anger, axed her to death. On the application of Ghulam Hassan, father of the girl the police have registered a case against the culprit.

Similarly, four people including two women were killed in a mishap occurred on Jhang-Faisalabad Road near Nawan Lahore.

The accident took place when a passenger van, going to Jhang from Faisalabad, collided head-on with a timber-laden tractor-trolley, coming from the opposite direction on Nawan Lahore bus stop. Resultantly, the van driver 37-year-old Shahid, a resident of Jhang, 35-year-old Fahmida Bibi and 50-year-old Zubaida Bibi, a resident of Chak Noor Shah, Jhang and 27-year-old Hafeez Shahzad, a resident of Jhang were killed on the spot.

Seven other passengers including Hameeda Bibi, Gulzar Ahmed, Muhammad Hafeez, Muhammad Asad and Muhammad Ameen sustained serious injuries. The injured were rushed to hospital while the tractor-trolley driver succeeded in escaping from the scene.

In Toba Tek Singh, a youth was murdered early Sunday morning in Chak 366/JB Ghanya near Gojra. Deceased Shahid Ali was on the way to his outhouse to bring milk when he was attacked by two opponents, lying in ambush in crops. He suffered critical gunshot wounds and was rushed to Gojra THQ hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

In Sialkot, a youth identified as Aqeel Ahmed, 20, drowned in flooded Nullah Aik after his tractor-trolley slipped off and fell into the nullah near village Buttar-Nawaan Pind locality. Personnel of Rescue 1122 are busy with search for the dead body till filing of this reporter.

Another child Jawad Ahmed was electrocuted in a bid to catch a stray kite entangled in main electrical wire in Sambrial city’s congested West Muhallah locality. He received severe electric shocks and died on the spot.