Just 10-15 air conditioners are working out of 149 in D.H.Q Teaching Hospital Sahiwal, all others are out of order due to missing parts. This revealed by D.C.O Khawar Shehzad, when he was on inspection of hospital due to expected arrival of CM Punjab. 

M.R.I and CT Scan machines are not provided by government patients are paying 1000 rupees for CT Scan to a trust which installed a machine in hospital. 10 years before a machine was imported for CT Scan but now it becomes garbage. It should be replaced with new one. 

There is no neurosurgeon in D.H.Q from past 7 months. So, the neuro patients referred to Lahore, due to this some serious patients specially who got head injury lost their lives on the way of Lahore. 

Another big jeopardy is created when there is need to postmortem of female dead body in night, because at that time lady doctor usually not available. Same like this male doctors perform ultrasound of women due to unavailability of lady doctors. 


Job holders are compelled to use illegal ways to get medical certificate for medical leaves because staff only corporate when anyone fulfill their desire. As we all know that D.H.Q Sahiwal is a teaching hospital but professor doctors are never ready to visit in wards and come at their duty places. In this kind of situation patients are totally dependent on medical officers. 


Sahiwal, July 10.