Sex education is common and also being taught in some government institutions of Pakistan. The teachers are operating in the villages of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Johi and in some other rural areas to support the project of sex education. This will help girls to understand their rights and save themselves from violence. A ten years-old girl claimed that now she has courage and if someone will do cruelty with her she will retaliate. Some girls feel shy to talk or read about sex but it is really important for them to feel equal to men. Nearly 7,000 books about sex education are being sold each year, unfortunately in some girls schools, books are not being sold. Some teachers have also ignored the sex education saying that in Islam, sex is taboo. By this reasoning many girls are deprived from their basic rights. When sex education started in institutions of Pakistan many girls built confidence protect themselves. On a daily basis the girls are being raped, kidnapped and sexually abused. The government is the only source that can protect girls and has a chance is to start sex education in every school of Pakistan.


Kech, July 30.