I have a meaningful and significant question to place before scholars, teachers, and students of history and political science, to let the nation know, is there exists any example in the world particularly among the democratic countries where the sitting prime minister, federal ministers and members of the Parliament holds and retains work permit (Iqama) of another country or Pakistan is an exceptional case, where these people are so impoverished and needy that they are left with no option to work in foreign countries to make ends meet?  It is like the Mughal King Aurangzeb, who never used state money for his personal use and earned by stitching prayer caps and selling them in the market. It looks like our prime minister, federal ministers, parliamentarians are trying following the footsteps of the Mughal King, by working as “Marketing Manager” “Consultants” “Advisers” in the oil rich Arab states.


Lahore, July 27.