Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies are at the most crucial stage of fight against militancy. To a large extent, the security forces have achieved a lot in securing every nook and corner of the country. However, the state will need some time to completely eradicate terrorist outfits and put their operations to a halt. The Pakistani state, despite unjustified pressure from international community and its failure to comprehend the situation on the ground, is fighting the war against terrorism with all sincerity.

The personnel of Pakistani security agencies that have fallen in the line of duty, is a testimony to Islamabad’s earnest efforts to annihilate terrorist organisations from its soil. In two separate incidents, a total of five men of security forces were martyred yesterday. The first incident took place in Multan resulting in one casualty, whereas the second incident occurred in Lower Dir, where a serving Major along with his team could not sustain the injuries received in an exchange of fire with the militants.

Though the performance of our security forces, by and large, is laudable, the law enforcement agencies need to more vigilant to protect the people. In the recent Lahore blast, where no development has been made so far, the responsibility lies with the police. Whereas the truck was reported, the relative police station refused to take any action. A statement issued by CCPO in this regard is rather an effort to cover up the department’s failure. Instead of taking action against those responsible, he relied on a simple assertion that police was not informed about the explosives in the truck. Such a naïve statement from a senior police officer is disappointing.

We must keep in mind that relying only on security agencies will never ever eradicate the militant ideology. In order to dismantle the militant ideology, the Pakistani state needs a multi-pronged plan. It is now an established fact that residents of the regions having limited social and economic opportunities are more prone to fall for militant ideology and propaganda. Thus once the militants are defeated, the most important step will then be to empower the people of these regions socially and economically.

However, at the same time, it is also true that Pakistani law enforcement agencies have left no stone unturned to trace sleeper cells and hideouts of militants. In the process, they have experienced enormous fatalities as well to make the country and the region safe and peaceful. Though the statement of the CCPO does not suit him, yet it is not wrong to salute Pakistani security agencies for the heroism and bravery they have shown while fighting militancy in the last two decades.