Pakistan is perhaps an only country where the self-serving ruling class has introduced several contemptuous modes and methods in the public sector, with respect to recruitment and rehiring of friends or relatives i.e. nepotism. 

What sort of democracy it is where things like morals, legality, and the constitutional law do not matter. The glorious Quran condemns those who do not use the faculty of mind. 

Last week, I came across a bunch of such retired man in Islamabad Club, who perhaps retired a couple of years ago, enjoying their hefty pensions, enviable salary with other perks and privileges, without any liabilities as their children are either in Pakistan working for lucrative slots or settled abroad. Yet, they were devising a strategy to get more extensions in a certain organisation. This lust for avarice, undue protocol, pomp, and show of wealth will never end. 

I happened to learn that these men were not workaholics, but allergic to work. Throughout their extensive career, they remained dogmatic, gaudy and well–versed in the art of flattery. Above all, their family members do not feel easy when they are at home. Their intentions, actions, and contribution have not been enviable but still, they will be granted an extension. 

It is humbly suggested to legalise ‘lifetime’ appointments of the chosen, few man who are still competent rather than people who are re-employed even after their retirement. 


Islamabad, July 24.