Pakistani-Canadian YouTube and socialmedia star Zaid Ali T broke the news on socialmedia that he is getting married in 19 days. 

Zaid is a twenty-two year old YouTuber and social media figure from Waterloo, Canada.

His videos are comic in nature and parody the eastern culture. They caricature elements of ‘desi’ society, and make lighthearted fun of how Asian parents and women react in a particular situation.

He rose to popularity with his pillow prank video which reached 4,463,679 views on YouTube.

Appearing on a local morning show in 2015, Zaid Ali told the anchor that he made his videos on his own. From script writing, to shooting and editing, all work is done by himself and he has no assistant to help him. Instead, he makes use of a tripod to capture videos while he acts in front of the camera.

Zaid’s mother also appeared in many of his videos and she is the first one to view and critique them.

Zaid has not revealed any details as to who he will be marrying.

This is how the public reacted to his marriage announcement.

A similar announcement appeared on his Facebook page in 2014, which turned out to be an April fools’ prank.

Speaking to a newspaper last year, Zaid said, “My parents will not impose their will upon me as to who I should marry. I personally believe that I am too young to settle down. When I marry, I want to marry a girl who is removed from the entertainment and media industry.”

We hope that this time he is serious.