Mere legislation of rules means nothing, unless due process of law is allowed to take its course and culprits punished without any favor. It is punishments given in accordance with rules and judgments given, which serve as deterrence. Tax evasion, illegal occupation of state or private land, smuggling, money laundering and white collar crimes are illegal, yet to-date not a single high profile individual who has robbed this country of billions has ever been punished in this country. As long as this state of affairs exists, the future of 22 crore Pakistanis will be sacrificed for benefit of few thousand.

Former PM has been disqualified for life by SC of Pakistan and now stands convicted, alongwith his daughter by NAB court because his dependent family members possess assets beyond declared sources of income. The due process of law has taken place and his conviction by NAB court stays unless he gets relief from higher judiciary. SC of Pakistan has declared the illegal takeover of thousands of acres of land belonging to state and along Karachi’s coastline, including reclaimed land, yet construction work continues and so does sale of plots to public. NAB is hesitant thereby facilitating powerful land grabbers, who seem to be more powerful than state.

With less than a week left for general elections, I was shocked when uniformed persons standing guard at check-post, adjacent to Walton Cantonment Board office, in vicinity of RA Bazar Lahore took away PML(N) flags from two youngsters while allowing activists of other political parties to carry their flags. Since PML(N) is not banned, it should be allowed to participate in political canvassing. Due process of law must prevail over whims of individuals and constitution must reign supreme.


Lahore, July 18.