ISLAMABAD - The federal government has directed all ministries, divisions and departments to speed up regularization of civil servants, who have completed the probation period, against vacant posts and report to the Establishment Division.

A circulation issued by the Establishment Division said, “It is directed that the terms and conditions of civil servants are governed under the provision of Civil Servants Act, 1973 every appointment (initial appointment, by promotion or by transfer) other than ad-hoc shall be on probation. Section 7 of the Act ibid also provides that a person appointed on probation shall on satisfactory completion of his probation is eligible for confirmation.

It further said, “It has been brought to the notice of Establishment Division that ministries/divisions/departments are not processing the case of confirmation in respect of their employees, which needs immediate attention of the ministries/divisions.” 

It also said, “In view of the above, secretaries of the administrative ministries/divisions are requested to kindly initiate cases  of confirmation in respect of the employees working in ministries/divisions/attached departments/subordinate offices under their administrative control in accordance with the provision contained in Section 6 and 7 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973 read with rule 21 of the Civil Servants (Appointments, Promotions and Transfer) Rule, 1973  and Civil Servants (Confirmation)Rules, 1993 under intimation to this Division.”

A senior official in the Establishment Division said several posts were lying vacant in different ministries/divisions and attached departments and several employees are also serving on a contract basis and as daily-wagers but the administrative heads have not processed their cases for permanent appointment against available posts.

He said that the previous government did not take a single step for regularization the contractual civil servants. He said that the Pakistan People Party government took steps for civil servants and even introduced a parliamentary act and rehired those employees who were sacked by the PML-N government on political grounds.