Lahore - Eidul Azha is just around the corner. Like every year the cattle markets are overcrowded. In this hot and humid weather it is quite a hassle and exhausting to go out and buy the sacrificial animal.

The trend of online qurbani (sacrifice) is gaining popularity in Pakistan. People are relying on online sources rather than going to cattle markets and buying animals and then taking care of them at home while also going through the tiring process of sacrificing the animal.

This way they not only save their time but also can get easy and hassle free qurbani services. There are a lot of organizations and meat shops that provide online qurbani service. All they have to do is go to the nearer outlet and book the qurbani animal or book it online after payment that can also be done online.

The websites of different organizations and business concerns provide complete information, pictures, videos and rates of different animals. This way the customers get open choice to buy sacrificial animals or have a share in one. People don’t have to bargain on rates and run around to find the best healthy animals.

Zenith is one of the famous meat shops in Pakistan and they are providing online Qurbani service. You can book your animal; visit your near Zenith outlet and drop your order. The sacrifice of animal is done under highly professional staff. The neatly packed meat will be delivered in the outlets of Zenith in the chiller vans for your collection. The rates of Zenith for Eidul Azha 2018 are; sheep 25,500, goat 26,800, share in cow 13,500, full cow 88,000, share in camel 21,000 and full camel 139,000. 

Halal meat processing has also initiated online qurbani service in twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi to help people in performing religious obligation. Qurbani animal can be booked on their online link. Their prices of goat, share in cow and whole cow are 27,500, 14,000 and 90,000 respectively.

Shaukat Khanum is one well known online qurbani organization. They have always claimed to provide economical qurbani service all across Pakistan.

You can place your order on their website or deposit cash/check in their hospital, laboratory collection centres or local and overseas offices of Shaukat Khanum. They have provided with the rate list of sacrificial animals; 20,000 for goat/sheep, 8,900 for a share in cow, 62,300 for full cow. The qurbani meat will be distributed among needy people and the money generated from the sale of hides will be used in the treatment of the poor cancer patients.

Edhi foundation is another famous name. This organization works for the needy and poor people. They provide shelter and other life facilities to homeless children. On Eidul Azha they are also providing online qurbani service. Their rate list goes like; goat/sheep 11,000, share in cow 7,500, and full cow for 52,500.

Metro is providing the online qurbani services in Pakistan; they are also providing the discount on Jazzcash mobile account. The rate list of metro is very economical, goat 24,999, full cow 84,449 and share in cow 12,449. Their delivery time slots are on the basis of first come first serve basis and booking will be closed two days before Eid.

Qurbani online is providing the service for many years. To book your animal log in to they have provided complete details, and order can be placed from anywhere in the world.

The delivery of meat is available only in Karachi; the meat can be delivered to your home or any organization. They send the picture of animal alive and slaughter to build the trust among people.

Olx is Pakistan’s largest marketplace. People who want to sell the qurbani animal have uploaded the pictures and prices of animals on Olx. There is a lot of variety and options available. To avoid the hassle of cattle market, the qurbani animals can be bought from Olx.  Sahara for Life Trust is well known organization and once again providing online qurbani service. They have arranged the slaughtering services at Narowal.

The order can be placed via their website or deposit cash/cheques at their head office Lahore. The meat will be distributed among the poor and needy people. is functioning in all the cities of Pakistan. Their rates are goat 30,000-50,000, cow full 112,000, share in cow 16,000, camel full 210,000 and share in camel 30,000. The home delivery facility is available for Islamabad and Rawalpindi.