Tomorrow on Arafah Day, the eyes of the Muslim World, will be fondly focused on the Holy Kaaba, for it is the day that it will be draped with a brand-new silk with gold embroidery cloth known as the “Kiswah”. The old Kiswah will be replaced by a new one as part of an annual tradition to adorn the Kaaba with new garments every Arafah Day. The Kiswah is made out of five parts that are prepared separately. For each of the 4 sides of the Kaaba, a part of the Kiswah is custom-made depending on that side’s width. Once completed, they are sewn together. The door’s section is the Kiswah’s fifth. Given how heavy the door’s drapes are, they are directly hung on the Kaaba’s walls. The Kiswah is made of 14 meters of genuine silk that is dyed black. On the top is a 95cm-wide belt that comprises of 16 pieces of Islamic embroideries. Selected verses of the Quran are written under the belt, and also cover every side of the Kaaba. These embroideries are carefully sewn using gold-plated silver thread. A total of  200 Saudi employees work  tirelessly to complete the numerous stages of manufacturing of the Kiswah. These stages mainly include: the embroidery of the Kaaba’s belt, weaving the fabric by hand and machine, printing, draping, and coloring.