It is an unfortunate episode of our society that we hardly accept the success of fellow citizens or competitors.

The exams of PCS in Sindh are glaring examples on that behalf. The candidates who do not qualify rush to courts thereby inviting judicial scrutiny in the matters of pure educational and professional competition. The petition filed against the PCS exams of the year 2013 resulted in wrapping up of the whole process by the Supreme Court of Pakistan thus ruining the lives of many candidates who were declared successful in the exams by Sindh Public Service Commission. The prolonged litigations that followed by wrapping up of the whole process of exams already conducted and finalized took a couple of more years for SPSC to eventually finalize the process afresh and send a batch of qualified candidates to the government for their appointments in the mainstream cadre of PMS. But unfortunately, it took 08 years gap. Such a huge gap of time between demand and supply of civil administration will cause a far-reaching negative impact on the delivery of services for masses in the province.

The impatience of candidates is not limited to the final results of the SPSC but in many cases, the candidates knock the doors of courts merely on declaring ineligible by the SPSC due to lack of meeting the required criteria of education and experience. The candidates must, therefore, fully understand the given criteria of qualification to be eligible for candidatures both in respect of education and experience before applying for a particular post.

The SPSC on its part must improve their working and make it transparent. The gap of distrust between the Commission and candidates could be eliminated for the ultimate good of the society. The exams for recruitment to the positions of PMS, doctors, lecturers and engineers must not be delayed due to unnecessary litigations in the courts of law.