International cricket chiefs suspended Zimbabwe due to government interference. After the suspension, Zimbabwe can’t participate in any ICC events. However, the decision came in existence after the Zimbabwe Cricket Board was suspended by the government last month and replaced with an interim committee. “We do not take the decision to suspend a member lightly but we must keep our sport free from political interference.” ICC chairman Shashank Manohar said. “The ICC wants cricket to continue in Zimbabwe in accordance with the ICC constitution.” He added. In 2005, due to Political turmoil, Zimbabwe was suspended to play test cricket. The team continued to play one-day internationals and after 6 years in 2011 the team was back for test matches; however, the team continued playing one day international and Twenty20 (T20) at the highest level. On the basis of ODI rankings, the team could not participate in World Cup, but the teams were due to compete in both men and women World T20 qualifiers. It is really shocking and worrying news for the fans of Zimbabwe who were waiting for long to see some achievements for the team and country.