This year 20% more rain is forecasted during the monsoon season. There is an expected risk of flooding due to extra rain and the melting of glaciers due to excessive heat. It is in preparedness that one succeeds. The government, though busy in monitoring and dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, must also beware of the looming disaster of floods. 

If timely action is not taken, I am afraid we may find ourselves struggling to deal with floods followed by water-borne diseases. Floods not only destroy crops, roads, infrastructure, and houses, they also bring mass homelessness and diseases. In cities, heavy rain leads to roads being flooded and electrocutions due to exposed poles and wires. Every year, many precious lives are lost to electrocutions in Karachi during the monsoon season. The recent rains in Karachi and Peshawar have exposed the crumbling infrastructure in these cities. Roads depict the scenes of a dystopian film. This is only the beginning of what is yet to come. 

Therefore, I plead to the government to sit with all provincial stakeholders to put in place a solid disaster management program to deal with anticipated flooding in a timely manner to minimize the loss of precious life and property. It is time that we start planning ahead instead of running around when the disaster hits.