ISLAMABAD-The field formations of MCI and CDA were found to be in trouble on this weekend as Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Chairman CDA Amer Ali Ahmed personally remained on ground to check their performance.

Amer Ali Ahmed paid two consecutive site visits to see the performance of the staff and issued strict warnings to the field staff in which he clarified that nobody would be spared on in the guise of institutional bifurcation between MCI and CDA.

He warned those who will not take his instructions regarding uplift of the city would be dealt strictly according to the rules.

He visited a drain site on Friday to see the on-going operation to clean the natural drains followed by a visit of F-9 (Fatima Jinnah) Park on Saturday to oversee the upkeep and cleanliness operation there.

The special operation for upkeep and cleanliness of F-9 Fatima Jinnah Park started on Saturday morning following directions of Chief Commissioner Islamabad. The objective of this special drive is to clean F-9 (Fatima Jinnah) Park before opening it for public after its closures for many months due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

Following the directions, a large number of workers from relevant organizations including CDA and MCI have started the cleanliness and upkeep work in F-9 (Fatima Jinnah) Park. To ensure speedy completion of the assignment weekly off days of the concerned employees have also been cancelled. During this operation, wild growth from the entire park will be removed. Similarly, walking tracks will be repaired wherever needed and lights will be made operational.

Meanwhile, the joint teams of CDA and MCI have cleaned Pak Secretariat of garbage, dust and wild growth. The operation was carried out following special directions of Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Chairman Capital Development Authority. Following the directions, CDA and MCI special teams started cleanliness work after office timings on Friday.

Weekly off days were cancelled and I50 workers from CDA and 50 workers from MCI took part in this special cleanliness operation. Operation started in the evening on Friday and was completed in the noon on Sunday. Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Chairman Capital Development Authority had specially directed to complete the work during weekly off days to avoid any inconvenience for the employees there. Consequently, the work has been completed well before time. The cleanliness at Pak Secretariat was neglected for long time but has now been done following special initiative of Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Chairman CDA.

Under this operation, detailed sweeping of all blocks of Pak Secretariat was carried out. Furthermore, trimming of trees, removal of wild growth from the surroundings of all blocks particularly from the lawns of different blocks was also carried out. Cleanliness and sweeping of the P, Q, R and S blocks were carried out on Saturday while cleanliness work at A, B, C, D and other blocks was completed on Sunday.