ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has asked the general public to adopt precautionary measures owing to rainy spell as a little carelessness or negligence can lead to fatal accident.

The spokesman advised the general public to follow precautionary measures for the sake of saving their lives and their important belongings.

These precautions were: Not to touch naked wire and get repaired defective wiring, use three pin plug along with proper earthing while using iron, washing machine, refrigerator etc., put wooden piece, flapper or dari under your feet and also use rubber sole shoes, use rope while drying clothes instead of electrical wires and do not use water pipe for it, instruct your children to avoid going near electricity installations while playing, and remain at least hundred feet away from high tension wires.

He further advised that electrocuted person must be separated from wire with piece of wood or dry cloth. Do not allow any person or animal to go near the broken electricity wires till the arrival of concerned IESCO staff.  

Meanwhile, Chief Executive IESCO Shahid Iqbal Chaudhary also directed the staff to remain alert at complaint offices and to ensure the timely redressal of consumer complaints.

The CEO said that the general public should observe precautionary measures during rain. 

In case of any emergency, the consumers should contact the concerned area’s Complaint Office, SDO’s or XEN’s.