The clashes between China and America owing to this COVID-19 have peaked as Trump named COVID-19 the Chinese Virus. There are also clashes between Iran and America owing to sanctions issued on Iran. Clashes between China and India owing to the Ladakh dispute have disrupted peace in the region. Recently nascent tensions engulfed both Iran and India due to the Chabahar port and railway track from Chabahar to Zahedan. This project was started by both countries to enhance trade opportunities to Afghanistan, Central Asia and Europe. But owing to Modi’s foreign policy they lost a project which was more beneficial for India. India thought that its relations with America might be affected due to sanctions issued on Iran by America. Iran will now complete its Chabahar project itself and with help from China. China provided 400 billion dollars for this project, as the relations between China and Iran are growing in the form of trade and financial policies. India owing to its fallacious policies with every country again faced sabotage and deterioration.