Any country’s retrogression of the society can be assessed from the incidents transpire in their society. Many incidents of different nature are taken place in societies of civilized, uncivilized, developed and underdeveloped countries like raping, child abuse, sexual harassment, lynching, assassination, forced and child marriages and etc but the worst incident which can be transpired in any country is beating and killing parents and such a tragic incident is rarely transpired in any country or never come to knowledge.

Such barbarism has started taking place in our society which is an Islamic country. Recently, an unfortunate son has assassinated his own mother with a sharp knife just to acquire a few thousand rupees from her. It is reported that a poor mother accompanied her son to get Rs. 12,000/- from the Ehsas program launched by the incumbent government to help the poor and needy so that they can manage bread and butter for their families and for themselves. On the way back home, that unfortunate son demanded money from his mother which she refused to give him and on refusal, he took his mother to a place where nobody could see them and stabbed her with a sharp knife until she succumbed to death.

Every picture has two sides and one has to see both sides of the picture. It is the prime responsibility of the parents who should infuse their kids how to treat them by showing them practically the good behaviour with their parents as action speaks louder than words as kids pick everything quickly what they see. On the other hand, children should recognise the status of parents and behave with them accordingly as their resentment could destroy their lives.