ISLAMABAD           -            Sharon Stone claims she has cheated death three times.

The Basic Instinct actor has been struck by lightning, suffered an accidental cut to the throat and had a stroke. She told The Sun: “I had my neck cut to a sixteenth of an inch from my jugular vein when I was 14 on a clothesline.

“I’ve been hit by lightning and, wow, that was really intense. I was at home, we had our own well. I was filling up the iron with water and I had my hand on the tap.

“The well got hit by lightning and it came up through the water. I was indoors and I got picked up and thrown across the kitchen and hit the refrigerator. Thankfully my mum belted me round the face and brought me to.” Stone, 62, added: “It’s like, ‘How am I going to die next time?’ Probably something super dramatic and nuts.” The star was hospitalised in 2001 after having a stroke, and was forced to take a two-year hiatus from acting.