During the operation of the security forces in Swat and south Waziristan 18 militants were killed including 4 prominent commanders, Asmat Ullah the most wanted by the security forces was among them. As per security sources in the area of junta in south Waziristan during a clash between the security forces and terrorists resulting in killing of 18 including 4 top terrorist commanders. Heavy weapons were recovered from their possession. It has been confirmed that one of the most wanted terrorist commander Asmat Ullah Shaheen was among the dead who was wanted by the security forces for some time. Heavy weapons were used during the fight, in an operation in Char Bagh and Gul Bagh in Swat 5 terrorists were killed by the security forces and 3 more killed in the Galli Bagh area. Security forces officials have informed that 3 terrorists were being taken to the point where they concealed weapons, 3 of them tried to escape and got killed by the firing of the security forces. The names of the terrorist who were killed during the operation are Mohammad Zaib, Sana Ullah , Ahsan Ullah belonged to Char Bagh and Munsif and Mohammad Pervaiz belonged to Khela while the remaining are yet to be identified.