KARACHI - The bears returned to the Karachi stock market on Thursday on concerns over rising inflation, which was higher than expected. The Karachi Stock Exchange's benchmark 100-share index closed 0.52 percent, or 60.84 points, lower at 11,569.09. The KSE 30-index closed at 11,154.63 with a loss of 89.10 points. The KMI 30-index closed at 18,275.58 with a loss of 98.23 points, while All-Shares index closed at 8.043.45 with a loss of 37.88 points. According to daily stock market report, total volume of shares stood at 194.59 million as compared to the previous volume of 195.65 million while Ready Market Value amounted to Rs5.56 billion or $64.85 million. KSE Future Volume Shares was recorded at Rs699.69 million or 5.77 million, showing Future Spread at 5.64 per cent. However, KSE market capitalization reached Rs3,153.86 billion or $36.78 billion the other day. Highest volume were witnessed in Dewan Salman at 35.85 million, closed at Rs3.72, followed by Jah.Sidd. Co at 12.26 million, closed at Rs11.74.