LAHORE - The oath-taking ceremony of new Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhry held at Governor House on Thursday was marked by cold and distant manners, as Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif faced each other with cold eyes on the occasion. For obvious reasons, the ceremony was orchestrated in a manner which gave little time to chief executive of the province and its constitutional head to interact with each other. Perhaps for the first time, the media was not invited to cover the event apparently to cover up the expected tense environment during the ceremony taking place amid reports of the governor proceeding abroad few days back without intimation to the Presidency. As per sources, Salmaan Taseer received Shahbaz Sharif in IV room at the Governor House where new LHC CJ was already seated. Both shook hands, but no exchange of pleasantries took place, said the sources, adding that Shahbaz Sharifs manner was cold during the meeting which lasted hardly for two minutes. Taseer also reportedly gave a cold look to his estranged guest. The Chief Minister along with his team of provincial ministers left Governor House immediately after the ceremony was over ignoring his hosts request to have tea along with other guests. Another significant feature of the ceremony was that Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah opted not to face Governor Taseer on the occasion given the estranged relations between the two. Rana, who was accompanying the CM along with Senior Advisor Sardar Zulfikar Ali Khosa, slipped away when they just entered the room in a deliberate attempt to avoid contact with the governor. Meanwhile, Justice Ejaz Ahmad Ch was sworn in as new chief justice of Lahore High Court at a simple but impressive ceremony held at Governor House. Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer administered the oath. Punjab Assembly Speaker, Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Senior Minister Raja Riaz and other provincial ministers were prominent on the occasion along with other provincial ministers. Judges of Lahore High Court, administrative secretaries and elite of the City also graced the occasion.