LONDON (Reuters) - State of the art gunshot sensors have been installed for the first time in a British city in a new approach to tackling gun crime. Project Safe and Sound in Birmingham uses technology which records an audio clip of any gunshot fire and sends police its GPS location, helping them decide how to respond. It can tell if multiple shots were fired, whether they were fired from a stationary or moving location, the num-ber of weapons used, and the order in which they were fired, according to the manufacturers. West Midlands Police said the sensors had been placed high up on buildings in northwestern areas of the city. This technology will enable us to respond faster and more effectively to firearms incidents, therefore minimising the harm to local communities and maximising the opportunity to seize illegal firearms, catch offenders and potentially save lives, said West Midlands Police Chief Chris McKeogh. The Shotspotter Gunshot Location System is already used in U.S. cities.