There was a time when the print media and electronic media would publish news of small delays in PIA Haj flights and the matter would be taken note of at the highest level in Islamabad. PIA MDs and other senior airline executives in the past have had their heads rolling on such negligence of duty. Now nothing seems to bother those that matter. Our Hajis dont get accommodation at Mina and even their state of Ihram could not be maintained because of lack of sanitation facilities, which were not provided, although they had paid for them. Out of more than a 100 flights operated by PIA, just one arrived on schedule, but as far as Islamabad is concerned it is business as usual. Our parliament, the PAC, Ministry of Defence, PM just made light of the situation. We all know that committees are formed to push dirt under the carpet, knowing fully well that with time everybody will forget. These poor Hajis dont matter to those who rule this country, or to our establishment. When individuals with a track record of financial irregularities and indiscipline are nominated to head Haj Directorate or PIA, than all this is by design, otherwise action would have been taken by the PM and President, instead of by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. For PIA, managing Haj operations should not have been a problem, if cronyism and corrupt mediocrity were not thrust upon it by the sitting government. This airline has in the past 30 months suffered additional losses of over Rs 50 Billion and was declared the worst airline in terms of flight punctuality and regularity in the world. Yet in the eyes of those who matter, this rapid deterioration is of no concern. The Hajis from Pakistan have a choice, either not to perform pilgrimage or suffer this agony endlessly and pray to Almighty Allah to accept their pilgrimage. If they have to report to Haj terminal at Jeddah almost 20 hours before schedule departure, another 16 hours of waiting for their delayed departure for Pakistan, is another test of their patience. MUZAMMIL H, Sukkur, December 9.