The whistleblower website WikiLeaks, which has ruffled many a feather for exposing the inner feelings of important personalities on the worlds political stage, has put its seal of confirmation on the genocide of the people of Kashmir, struggling to get out of the stranglehold of Indias illegal occupation of their homeland. Leaders of the liberation struggle in Held Kashmir, in particular APHC Chairman Syed Ali Geelani, have been raising a hue and cry against the inhumanities the Indian security forces are committing freely to suppress the voice of freedom. Torture, mutilation, murder, abduction, mysterious disappearance, rape, plunder nothing is forbidden for them; for they enjoy the cover of a black law that exempts them from accountability. Human rights have been so brutally violated that Lt-General H. S. Panag, who was GOC-in-Chief of the Northern Command of the Indian army, has been equated with General Milosevic of Bosnia, in one of the cables sent by an American diplomat from New Delhi. Yet, the self-styled leader of the civilised world has been so insensitive and hypocritical that it turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the helpless Kashmiris and opted, instead, for befriending the Indians in the hope of drawing economic and strategic benefits. Washingtons hypocrisy did not end at the borders of Held Kashmir. It knew very well that the Indians were stoking the fires its war on terror had lit in FATA and were helping the disaffected people of Balochistan to rise against Pakistan. Cables received from its officials testified to their involvement in these troubled regions. However, the Americans never tried to pull up its real strategic partner to save it from public humiliation. On the other hand, Pakistan, the key ally in the war on terror, was always pressed to do more and eliminate the sanctuaries of the so-called Quetta Shura in the provinces capital. Besides, WikiLeaks evidence confirms that the US has hardly been serious in eradicating terrorism; for its functionaries in India had termed the Hindu militant groups RSS and its ilk which were working in unison with the Indian army, even more lethal than Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Yet, one does not recall hearing any criticism of, or planning action against, them from Washington. No doubt, WikiLeaks has caused embarrassment to leaders of a number of countries. The public, however, stands well served in that the website has blown the lid off the hidden and nasty dealings of their rulers. It is now for Pakistan to actively pursue these disclosures at the diplomatic level and press home to the world to compel India not only to settle the core issue of Kashmir on the basis of UN resolutions, but also stop interference in Balochistan and FATA. Without these prerequisites, there can be no peace in the subcontinent or end to terrorism in the world.