ISLAMABAD (Online) The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has directed Auditor General (AG) to provide details of secret funds of all the ministries. The PAC met here Thursday. The AG presented audit objections before the committee on accounts of the information ministry for the financial year 2008-9. Audit authorities told the committee that the information ministry had not provided details about the expenses of Rs 277 million. Information Secretary Sohail Mansoor said this was a secret fund which was legally protected therefore the details could not be furnished on this count. The information secretary said that the ministry highlighted the performance of elected government and not one party. Member of committee Riaz Hussain Pirzada said fund was being used by the ministry against the opposition. Particularly it is used to buy the loyalties of the people, he alleged. Wikilleaks had revealed every thing and what was left secret now, he questioned. Voicing surprise over the presence of DG Radio Murtaza Solangi in the meeting, member of the committee Riaz Fatiana inquired from him that his contract had expired in June 2010 and he was not granted extension then how he was retaining his post till now. Secondly it had also been learnt that he was charged with harassing the women, Fatiana said. Murtaza Solangi said that information ministry had issued verbal orders that he should continue to work on this post. The AG while expressing wonder over it said that the decisions taken by him had no legal standing. When asked to explain this situation, the information secretary became upset, saying that orders were received from the prime minister. The committee asked him to provide the prime ministers written orders immediately and he sought some time. Later, he changed his statement and said information minister had issued verbal orders to him. In the meantime, PAC Chairman Ch Nisar Ali turned up. When the matter was brought in his knowledge he asked whether DG Radio was present in the committee meeting. When Nisar found Murtaza Solangi sitting in the meeting, he asked him to go away forthwith. He issued the directive that not only Murtaza Solangi be expelled from Radio Pakistan but also the amount of 6 months salary paid to him be recovered from him. If it was not done so then the recoveries would be made from the salary of information secretary, he further directed. The members of committee told Ch Nisar that the matters related to Chairman PARC Zafar Altaf, DG Health, Abdul Rashid Jumma and Chairman SEME Bank were not different from the case of Solangi. On it, Ch Nisar directed the respective ministries to stop payment of salaries to them immediately and furnish the details about their appointments to the committee. Talking about the matter of DG Radio, he said if extension was granted to him from the back dates then it would be illegal and voice would be raised in the parliament on this issue.