WASHINGTON (Agencies) In the latest leaked US diplomatic cables, it has been suggested that instead of being a failed state, Pakistan was then facing rough and tough challenges. The cables revealed that Pakistan army was facing shortage of weaponry while the president Zardari was blind to key challenges his country was countering. Pakistan needed international assistance to overcome sufferings of people, the leaked diplomatic cables suggested, citing a briefing prepared for US embassy in Islamabad by US special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke on February 4, 2009. According to aforementioned briefing, Pakistan was not a failed state, though the national institutions were weak, however, they can sustain in crisis situations. Media was labelled careless occasionally, but was termed powerful, with civil society, gaining strength day-by-day, according to the briefing revealed by WikiLeaks. The disclosures suggested that Pakistani nation, many a time, proved that it had power enough to face and address challenges caused by natural disasters like earthquakes and corruption by government, yet, Pakistan was in the face of tough challenges. Democratic institutions should be strengthened in order to safeguard democratic government in Pakistan, the briefing said, insisting that the county needed international assistance to relieve people of crises like electricity loadshedding, poverty, inflation, lawlessness and unemployment. n WikiLeaks goes backstage in Hariri case n Just like out of a Bond film n 'Data war to continue: Hackers n US pushed Germany not to arrest CIA agents n Corrupt old guard could push Kenya back into violence Page 2